/HBG/ graveyard

RIP potato :( you will be missed. 2018
RIP nobody you will be missed by like 2 of us. 28-05-2019[lds]
RIP cubuss you will be missed by no one. 01-04-2019[lds]
RIP ren you will be missed by paul. 26-05-2019
RIP __Michael#0042 you will be missed. 25-06-2019
RIP s1cp :) you will not be missed. 27-07-2019
RIP tear you will be missed. 11-08-2019
RIP dozzle you will be missed by all. 10-09-2019
RIP mr bing bing you will be missed. 01-02-2020
RIP joerne you will be missed mijn vriend. 02-02-2020
RIP xx, we never expected to lose you. 28-08-2020
RIP the /hbg/ server, we still hope for your return. 13-12-2020

[lds] - last date seen - no official date of death has been found or recorded